About Blank

About Blank

“Being the truest version of yourself”

An animated music video for Gordon Downie’s last album “Away is Mine”.

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This video explores shredding the unimportant, superficial layers that we use as a mask to face the world and finding what's left underneath. Unburdened by superficiality, there is freedom with being just about blank.

The visuals were inspired by the upbeat tone of the instrumentals and wanting to highlight them through the usage of strong colours and textures.

The basic elements of fire, water, air and earth are motifs across this video.

Together with the creative team, we came up with scenes that would best illustrate the feeling of being submerged in thought and then letting go and surrounding yourself with those who love you the most.


Illustration & Animation by: Zuna Amir
Production Company: New Ritual Studio Inc.
Creative Director & Producer: Sara Basso
Assoc. Producer & Art Director: Jung EJ Lee
Executive Producers: Patrick Downie, Mike Downie, Josh Finlayson, Jake Gold, Sara Basso, Marc Wayne, Trisha Kulathungam, Carly Stojsic
Special Thanks: Ontario Creates, FACTOR Canada, Arts & Crafts
Copyright: Gordieland Inc.